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7 Habits of highly effective product experimentation teams

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Product experimentation can help your team and company build the best version of your product possible. Not only is it crucial for decision-making, but it also helps your team and the stakeholders decide whether you should change directions. Building a culture of product experimentation is not easy and it might take years to accomplish, but with a clear roadmap and the right mindset, it’s possible for any company to get there.

In this webinar, Pete Koomen, Optimizely's Co-Founder and CTO, has distilled seven lessons learned from some of the top product teams and high velocity experimentation cultures in the world -- Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Booking.com -- so that any team can learn their secrets and drive success.

What you’ll learn:

  • How today's leading companies built cultures of experimentation within their organizations
  • What it takes from having an experimentation hero to creating an experimentation program, and ultimately turning it in into a culture of experimentation
  • Why leaders and teams both need to focus on experiment velocity