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Personalization from A to Z

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Personalization is one of the marketing industry’s favorite buzzwords — and for good reason. Companies like Netflix have built their core experience around recommending the right show to every single one of their users. Personalization done right has the potential to create $1.7 trillion in new value according to McKinsey analysts.

But what exactly is personalization? And are you using personalization to its full potential?

Optimizely teamed up with Adweek Branded to produce, Personalization from A to Z, which outlines what personalization is (and isn’t) and how you can take a scientific approach to running personalization experiments.

Download a copy today to learn:

  • How Crate & Barrel used Optimizely to personalize the experience of their new Crate and Kids site to two different buyer types.
  • Why you need to embed a/b testing and experimentation into your personalization strategy
  • Common pitfalls of personalization and how to avoid them