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An executive's guide to innovation

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We recently sat down for a chat with Harvard Business School’s Professor Stefan Thomke, one of the world’s leading authorities on digital experimentation and author of Experimentation Works.

Watch these short and insightful videos as your own mini-consultancy session, with Professor Thomke bringing focused clarity to the concepts of innovation and experimentation. Join him on a journey from understanding experimentation and innovation as the engines of growth, to viewing the ROI of your program in a whole new way.

  • Session 1: Experimentation: the engine of innovation
  • Session 2: Innovation: an executive’s perspective
  • Session 3: Defining successful innovation & experimentation
  • Session 4: Embrace failure, learn fast and succeed faster
  • Session 5: Experimentation: the best place to start
  • Session 6: Scaling experimentation successfully
  • Session 7: The reality of experimentation and ROI