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Product Roadmap Review

Part of the B2B Commerce Summit 2022

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Things can change fast, as we've all learned in the past two years that the only B2B businesses that thrive are those with built-in flexibility in their technology, strategy and culture to quickly manage new market opportunities when old ones fall away.

Optimizely has become a leading technology partner for B2B manufacturers and distributors that wish to deliver world-class digital experiences. But what are Optimizely plans for the future, and how will B2B Commerce Cloud innovate to keep B2B customers ahead of the pack in the coming months?

In this session, Optimizely's product team will discuss:

  • Where the value lies in today’s B2B Commerce technologies
  • How Optimizely delivers best-in-class B2B commerce experiences
  • Key innovations planned by Optimizely over the next twelve months