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B2B Digital Experiences Report 2019

Download Episerver’s survey of 700 decision-makers in B2B companies to learn their plans, tactics and worries about meeting rising customer expectations.

B2B Digital Experiences Report 2019

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Rising digital expectations is the top B2B threat

The report shows that 84% of B2B decision-makers say increasing digital expectations from their customers or partners is their top external threat. Like consumers, business buyers want effortless interactions – even if they struggle to deliver them at their own company.

Analytics the most likely next B2B investment

B2B decision-makers listed the top three digital experience technologies their company will most likely invest in by 2022. According to the report, these are web analytics or business intelligence (51%), an email marketing system (49%) and a B2B ecommerce platform (38%).

Digital commerce is coming for all B2Bs

According to 72% of respondents, by 2025 the majority of their company’s revenue will come from B2B ecommerce websites that they own and operate. The report shows that B2Bs are already planning to open up direct, online selling paths to uncover new revenue sources.