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What is one major challenge of cross-company collaboration? What’s that you say? Diverse platforms that don’t communicate with each other? We’re excited to announce that our second release of Optimizely for Jira is now available. Optimizely will now integrate with Jira to enable cross-functional collaboration for all experiments.  This integration allows customers of both platforms to manage experiments in Optimizely and project work in Jira, all while seamlessly transitioning between the two.

Regardless of which Optimizely product that you use, you will now be able to leverage the “Optimizely for Jira” integration. This integration allows users to link any Optimizely experiment, feature rollout, personalization campaign, or Program Management idea to Jira issues. Once linked, key details of the experiment, feature, campaign, or idea will be visible in Jira to all Jira users. 

Reduce context switching and scale your experimentation program by bringing Optimizely to your engineers, designers, product managers & team members that work in Jira!

More is still to come!

The Optimizely team is committed to increasing collaboration and driving efficiency within your experimentation team. Over the next several months, we will be adding even more functionality to this integration, including the ability to create Jira tickets from Optimizely and the ability to create new experiment Ideas from Jira.

Try it today

If you’re already an Optimizely customer, you can enable the integration today by following the steps in this Knowledge Base article about the integration, or going directly to the Atlassian marketplace listing.

If you are not an Optimizely customer yet, reach out to us today to learn how Optimizely can help your company out-experiment and outperform the competition.