May 30, 2014

31 People/Places Everyone in Conversion Rate Optimization Should Follow

We’ve scoured the Internet, scrolled down way too many Twitter feeds, and browsed a plethora of message boards to distill the best of the best people & places to follow for quality information about conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and data-driven decision making.

Twitter_logo_blueI’ve scoured the Internet, scrolled through way too many Twitter feeds, and browsed a plethora of message boards. The result is a distilled list of the best of the best people & places to follow for quality information about conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and data-driven decision making.

linkedinThis list represents people on Twitter, groups on LinkedIn, and online communities who add to the conversation from all different angles—some are niche in optimization, others are more well-rounded marketing resources.

Follow/bookmark all or some of these URLs to keep abreast of trends, strategies, case studies, and events in the industry.

21 Twitter Handles to Follow

I recommend trying TweetDeck, a free tool to organize lists of people, lists or hashtags you follow into tidy columns. It’s much easier than seeing a deluge of tweets in one column on



Why follow? Sean tweets a great variety of articles and slide decks on topics that anyone working in marketing or optimization would find very interesting. A lot of content comes from but he does a great job of diversifying. Great to follow for a constant stream of quality content to your Twitter feed.



Why follow? She fluctuates with tweet frequency but sticks to very specific topics. I like how she starts most tweets with the specific topic #. She gives commentary on articles and pulls interesting facts instead of just tweeting the link. Follow her for tweets about content, social media marketing, and  of course, CRO.



Why follow? Oli’s tweets are all over the place, mainly rooted in content around landing page optimization. Like his fellow Unbouncer, @ggiiaa, Oli tweets a lot about Unbounce culture, hiring and CRO events. Follow him for a glimpse into the escapades of being a CRO thought leader.



Why follow? He tweets ~3 times per day. Many times his tweets are thoughts or questions to his audience. Links he tweets are often articles on his blog, ConversionXL. Occasionally he’ll offer free website reviews like this. free-review-tweet-peep

Follow him for a constant flow of CRO info.



Why follow? Copywriting is a pillar of conversion optimization and Joanna nails it with her copy tips. She curates a broad range of articles from copywriting for SEO to advertisements. Follow her for well vetted information on how to improve your marketing skills.

@CROnutt CRO Nutt Conversion Rate Optimization goodness delivered fresh daily.

CRO-nutt Why follow? I think this one speaks for itself. Amazing play on words and really, really attractive cover photo. New to the game with just over 100 tweets. I think we can expect great things from CRO Nutt.



Why follow? Gia tweets great content about landing page optimization, much of it coming from Unbounce. She’s enmeshed in the CRO event community especially in Vancouver and Montreal. Follow her for good behind the scenes pics, passionate tweets about Unbounce and entertaining content.



Why follow? In addition to resources to improve your CRO strategy, Alex tweets a lot about professional development. His podcast, Marketing Optimization is insightful, educational for all levels and features many of the experts on this list.



Why follow? Clearhead is an optimization agency out of Austin, TX. Each and every one of the people on their team is super sharp about CRO and writes thoughtfully about it. They work with big online retail shops like Sephora, Patagonia, and Ralph Lauren. If you are an #ecommerce company, I highly recommend hitting the follow button. (Plus, as an A/B testing nerd, this post really amused me.)



Why follow? Neil is not into CRO exclusively, but he is into everything anyone doing CRO should follow. He tweets really useful, practical, educational articles that I think are relevant for anyone in marketing today.



Why follow? Scott tweets about marketing from all angles, especially management and technologies. His blog, is chock-full of thoughtful pieces on modern marketing trends, questions, and bold statements.

 @tim_ashCEO of SiteTuners, Author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization.

Why follow? Tim is prolific in the conversion optimization world. A majority of his tweets are retweets. I recommend following him to keep a pulse on Conversion Conference, and to see the quirky promos his team creates, like this one: tim-ash-GOT



Why follow? Mktgexperiments is the twitter representation of the Marketing Experiments and all of their excellent content. I recommend bookmarking and checking out their research, blog, and Web Clinic video series. Their Twitter feed is highly focused on A/B testing and CRO. Follow them for insightful lessons and case studies.



Why follow? Kyle runs Optimizely on Optimizely. He is a testing strategist and a front end developer so he tweets a range of CRO and developer content. A lot of his tweets are test ideas.



Why follow? Like Neil, Hiten tweets interesting stuff whether or not you do marketing. I really like his Twitter feed because most tweets have images. He’s just really good at the Internet.



Why follow? Rand is a veteran (you could call also say, wizard) in the world of online marketing. With 20,700+ tweets since 2009 he has left a large footprint on this medium and on Moz. If you don’t follow him for the educational value he imparts, then do it for his mustache.



Why follow? Besides the witty handle, I recommend following Craig for the OptimiseOrDie daily newsletter he published. It’s a curated list of interesting articles that span topics from CRO and growth hacking, to email marketing and web design. His archive goes through May 2012! Quite interesting to track the evolution of the CRO industry.



Why follow? Michael tweets a lot of current content from KISSmetrics and Unbounce. While his blog, ContentVerve is not being updated anymore, what is there is high quality and he does a good job of resurfacing it.



Why follow? Rich’s Twitter feed is a great resource for introductory conversion rate optimization content, especially for small businesses. He constantly offers 1:1 advice sessions on A/B testing.



Why follow? Brooks Bell, Inc shares a lot of educational content from thought leaders in the CRO industry. I like their strategy because they focus heavily on testing culture and best practices around making optimization part of the default workflow. Their weekly top 5 must-read posts is a solid round-up of optimization news.



Why follow? Chris lives and breathes optimization. He presents lots of webinars and writes blogs for his agency, Wider Funnel. He tweets a few times a day.

In addition to my list, this one—curated by Angie Schottmuller— is great roundup of #CRO thinkers easy to follow with the click of one button.

6 LinkedIn Groups to Join

linkedinCheck out and join these groups on LinkedIn to keep up with topics in conversion rate optimization, testing and data-driven marketing.

Marketing Experiments Optimization: MarketingExperiments is a research lab dedicated to discovering “what really works” in optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization Pros: For everyone working on conversion rate optimization (CRO), from SMB to Fortune 500. Share success stories, post questions, pass along awesome resources.

100% eCommerce Conversion Optimization: eCommerce is a cross-functional, multi-discipline business and we need the complete team to make it work. This group welcomes both technologists and marketers interested in learning how to improve the eCommerce site ROI.

Landing Page Optimization Network: The Landing Page Optimization (LPO) network is for anyone who has built or is planning to build a landing page. The group was established to help each other create landing pages with the maximum conversion rate.

A/B Testing and Multivariate TestingDiscussion and sharing of knowledge on A/B testing and multivariate testing landing page optimization, Web analytics, SEO, Adsense, affiliate and internet marketing.

Testing, Personalization and Conversion Rate Optimization: A community of online marketing professionals focused on improving web site conversion rates. A platform to facilitate the sharing of ideas, not commercial messages.

4 Communities to Bookmark

GrowthHackers: An independent community started by the Qualaroo team, this forum surfaces tips, resources, and case studies related to growing a business online. There are frequently “Ask GH” posts for open discussions around challenges community members are facing, and many of our aforementioned CRO experts will chime in regularly on discussion threads.


Optiverse: Meet the space for experimenters to unite, explore, & optimize. We started the Optiverse for anyone to have a place to ask questions of the Optimizely team, our partners, and fellow optimizers. You don’t need to be an Optimizely customer to participate!

Moz Community: Not just for SEO enthusiasts, the Moz Community is full of opportunities for discussion and learning. Check out the weeks’ worth of upcoming Mozinars, live events, and Q&A for dozens of topics from web design to business development. This inbound marketing community just hit the 25,000 member mark this week! Join experts from around the country for AMAs (Ask Me Anything), product recommendations, job postings, and more.