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Customers’ habits are now rebooting post-pandemic, with the effects to last for years to come.  

According to a Forrester study, 75% of consumers believe that the pandemic will alter their behavior and preferences long-term.  

An organization’s ability to withstand these pressures relies on creating quality customer experiences that successfully meet rising expectations.  

The stakes have never been higher, and a customer’s very first online interaction with your company can be the difference between gaining a loyal customer and never hearing from them again.  

The key to withstanding these ever-evolving shifts?   

Take your organization from reactive to adaptive.   

At our upcoming event, Opticon21, we explore how your company can not only survive these shifts but thrive with them.  

Here are five key learnings we’ll be diving into at the event:   

Key learning #1: How to adapt to post-pandemic pressures and beyond  

Customer preferences are evolving rapidly as ecommerce continues to rise – with no signs of slowing down.  

New customer buying habits due to the pandemic have changed indefinitely – with remote and hybrid work creating demands never seen before by both employees and customers. To keep up with these shifts, your company’s digital profile must adapt with them, and business processes must change to support the creation of better customer experiences.  

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At Opticon21, discover what it takes to transform your organization from reactive to adaptive, by being fully equipped to meet challenges in the present and for the future.    

Key learning #2: How to elevate your digital team to its full potential  

The vast amounts of data being generated per second by customers is creating huge potential for marketers, merchandisers, content editors and developers on which to act.  

With every purchase and click customers make, they are implicitly saying what they like or don’t, and to let these preferences go unnoticed isn’t just a disservice to customers but to your organization with the opportunities wasted. 

That’s where a customer data platform (CDP) comes into play. By combining the best in experimentation, content management, digital commerce and customer data, digital teams can carve a clear path forward that continuously adapts to meet shifting customer expectations.  

At Opticon21, witness all that Optimizely’s CMS and Customer Data Platform have to offer in harnessing actionable insights for your digital team to reach its full potential and customers more effectively.    

Key learning #3: How to develop a deeper understanding of your customers 

Knowing your customers inside out is a key component to long-term success.  

Understanding their behaviors is crucial in crafting an effective digital strategy. The problem is that even with all the customer data in the world, without actionable insights or a meaningful understanding of your data, it brings very little value to your organization.  

With a CDP’s tracking technology capabilities, gathering real-time data-driven metrics on your digital audience has never been more accessible – keeping customer information up to date, but also providing valuable insights from huge amounts of data.  

Get to know your customers better by witnessing Optimizely’s CMS and Customer Data Platform in action at Opticon21.   

Key learning #4: How to create personalized experiences for customers 

With digital experiences capturing record shares of customers’ attention, the need for personalized, targeted content and product recommendations has never been greater. The ability to hone in on your best-performing content and recommend it to users based on their preferences is what can set your organization miles apart from competitors.  

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At Opticon21, learn how to effectively leverage your customer data for personalization, allowing you to confidently move forward with data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to investing your organization’s resources in the wrong places. Instead, channel them to the proven investments that steer your company towards growth.  

Key learning #5: Success means taking risks 

No risk, no gain. That said, there’s no reason to take blind risks.  

Effective risk-taking is all about capitalizing on opportunities while reducing overall risk levels. In order to grow, risks are essential – but with the right data on customers, it becomes much easier to understand which risks are worth taking and which aren’t worth the time or investment.  

Discover how Optimizely’s Experimentation solutions allow organizations to nimbly and quickly capitalize on the risks needed for optimal growth. Let customer sentiment drive your decision making and eliminate ambiguity on what will convert​. 

Ready to unlock your company’s digital potential? 

See you at Opticon21!