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On December 7, our free, half-day event will feature a stellar lineup of more than 15 visionary speakers presenting on this year’s theme: Be Bold. Experiment Everywhere.

From science, to athletics, to politics and across business, history has shown us that a mindset of experimentation leads to breakthrough innovations. Those willing to challenge the status quo are able to understand and adapt to new buying behaviors, develop new ways of going to market and out-innovate their competitors. Never has this mindset been more important than today when change is occurring at an exponential rate. With that in mind, we’ve handpicked 15+ speakers from a diverse set of industries with the goal of arming you with the knowledge, inspiration and insight you need to help your organization be bold and realize the full power of experimentation. Here’s a sample of the speakers we’ve lined up. Check out the full list here.

Opticon Virtual Summit Speaker Lineup

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Our incredible lineup of speakers are bringing their A-Game to Opticon Virtual Summit. You’ll get to experience 11 sessions across 2.5 hours with sessions that will speak directly to Product ManagerMarketers, E-commerce Managers, and Executives. Curious about what they’ll talk about? Here are the highlights of some of our favorite sessions:

Keynote: 5 Strategies for Building a Culture of Everyday, Everywhere Experimentation

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Polly LaBarre, Co-author of Mavericks at Work

Polly LaBarre, will kick off the summit with a keynote providing a glimpse into the future of experimentation. This best-selling business author of Mavericks At Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win and innovator will share insights into why experimentation are at the heart of innovation and competitive advantage. You’ll walk away with five strategies for building a culture of everyday, everywhere, every-person experimentation.

Experimentation Across the Tech Stack

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Colin Gardiner, Tripping.com

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Julia Kastner, General Assembly

Get the inside scoop on how two global companies maximize the impact of their development teams’ efforts. Colin Gardner, VP of Product & Analytics at Tripping.com and Julia Kastner, Senior Product Manager at General Assembly will share a behind-the-scenes look at how they enable their teams to experiment broadly and deeply, and insights into how you can do the same at your company.

Experimenting for Maximum Business Impact

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Josephine Foucher, Hotwire

While testing is important, what you learn from that testing is vital. Hear how Hotwire harnesses experimentation to identify and capitalize on big opportunities.
You’ll hear firsthand from Josephine Foucher, Product Manager at Hotwire, how to foster strategic experimentation across your business.

Interpreting Results with Multiple Goals, Variations, and Segments. Oh my!

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Leo Pekelis, Optimizely

Simple A/B tests aren’t sufficient to support a sophisticated experimentation program. But it can be challenging to interpret results from experiments based on multiple goals, variations and segments. In this session, Leo Pekelis, Optimizely’s chief statistician, will show you how to confidently do just that using Optimizely’s Stats Engine.

Recommendations Reboot: How to Continuously Improve your Recommendations ROI

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Jon Noronha, Optimizely

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Ankit Raheja, Stella & Dot

Recommendations are a must-have, but manual recommendations and experiments have curtailed potential revenues for many retailers. In this session, you’ll discover how leading retailer Stella & Dot applies an experimentation mindset for big returns. You’ll also get a sneak peek at how Optimizely is implementing recommended content for its blog and Knowledge Base.

Building an Experimentation Center of Excellence

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Hudson Arnold, Optimizely

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Chris Seaman, Atlassian

Opticon Virtual Summit wouldn’t be complete without a how-to on building your own experimentation center of excellence.  In this session learn from Atlassian and Optimizely as they break down how to scalably address the challenges and opportunities of a world-class center of excellence.

Though we highly recommend you attend these sessions, you can’t go wrong attending any of the sessions at the Virtual summit. Here’s the full list. See you soon!