April 24, 2020

A helpful guide to Optimizely features for Ektron users

For Ektron customers, interested in learning more about Episerver features, we’ve put together a handy guide which covers; how Marketers can work at the speed of innovation, how Content Authors can create customized experiences and how Developers have flexibility for quicker development.

This resource was created a while ago, so you might see 'Episerver' or any of our other brands show up. Episerver is now Optimizely


Content Authors

Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud helps content authors create customized experiences for their customers by being Discoverable, Efficient and Intuitive. Here is a look at how we enable them to do so:

  • Editing content is completely in-page through templates and blocks and enabled for all levels of users
  • Content hierarchy of building blocks that matches your site structure
  • Intuitive Publishing Experience



Marketers can work at the speed of innovation – applying personas, optimization and creation through projects to orchestrate site experiences that match your strategies and tactics.

  • Live or scheduled publishing features of new content to site
  • Use of Visitor Groups to construct personas for personalizing content to end users
  • Includes customizable A/B Testing and Dynamic Search



Developers can manage their Episerver sites through a platform-first, code-centric approach that facilitates easy upgrades through continuous releases.

  • Flexible content and site structure that allows for customization and extensibility of all key elements
  • Developer flexibility for quicker development (ex. Webforms & MVC)
  • Robust Add-on and Marketplace ecosystem to extend the platform through pre-built components
  • Continuous releases for new features and code improvements creates quick and efficient upgrade process, which creates less downtime and quicker innovation


Business Owners 

Invest in a platform that is future-proof and designed to move your organization into the future with a cloud-first mentality, flexible pricing and 24/7 support 

  • Offers Digital Experience Cloud – a fully managed cloud deployment offering for your website
  • Licensing includes Unlimited Sites for production, as well as Development and UAT site licenses at no additional cost
  • Pricing based on page views with dynamic scaling included to handle varying page loads
  • Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud support includes 24/7 site and hosting service to avoid development or service downtimes


Are you looking to move to Episerver?

Your digital presence is a cornerstone of your organization. Episerver provides the tools and the framework to help your company become digitally agile and ready to take the next steps toward future success.

We at Episerver will continue to help support your Ektron platform as you continue to use it to power your infrastructure. When you are ready to start the conversation about an upgrade to our newest platform, our team will be ready to help guide you along the way!

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