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When optimizing their websites, many businesses we work with focus on a similar challenge – high bounce rates in the first step of their checkout funnel. Rise Interactive, one of Optimizely’s certified partners, shares checkout funnel insights from a recent big win on Allstate Motor Club’s website.


Allstate’s Challenge

As a roadside service provider in a competitive landscape, a main goal of Allstate Motor Club’s website is to gain new members. For many landing pages, the first step in the conversion funnel involves visitors selecting their state in order to get relevant quotes and membership service offerings. Through conversion funnel exit rate analysis, it was determined the first step (selecting a state) experienced the highest fall-out rate. Allstate Motor Club wanted to increase the number of visitors who selected a state and moved to the next step in the conversion funnel in order to optimize the number of new members. Using Optimizely, Rise Interactive set up an experiment to increase the number of visitors who selected their state, driving additional visitors further down the conversion funnel. With all things being equal, this experiment would ultimately increase overall membership conversion rates.

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