April 30, 2020

B2C Retail Benchmark Report, Q1 2020

Ecommerce websites are nothing without traffic but not all traffic sources are created equal. Get immediate access to Episerver's comparison of top traffic sources and conversion rates by traffic sources and devices derived from data of nearly 4 billion sessions in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The B2C Retail Benchmark Report, Q1 2020, provides a deeper dive into the 2019 trends in consumer behavior on retail and brand websites. We’ve compiled billions of shopping sessions across 160 websites that use Episerver and analyzed the key findings for device penetration, traffic sources and conversion rates.

Learn about these findings and more!

Search is retail's workhorse

Retailers and brands alike should invest in both non-branded and branded, organic and paid search strategies as organic and paid search account for the highest conversion rates and lowest bounce rates. This data echos self-reported consumer buying habits.

Social is making strides

Despite social's lower conversion rate than other traffic sources, consumers are increasingly clicking through from social activity to a B2C retailer's website. This data also echos self-reported consumer buying habits.