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The Burmax Company has been serving the professional beauty industry since 1948, catering to wholesale beauty supply distributors and beauty schools. This family-owned and operated company has grown from a small office in New York City to its current 115,000 square foot State-of-the-Art facility in Holtsville, New York. 

The challenge 

Over the last 70 years, the Burmax Company has become a market leading, fully-fledged distributor of beauty products to its customers. Historically, the company has always been a B2B business selling direct to distributors and salons. However, in 2021, it launched its first consumer focused website selling directly to the professional. This pivot completely changed Burmax’s business model. 

Having two very distinct, yet different, client bases B2C and B2B, meant that Burmax found it challenging to cater for all online. With over 7,000 products available on its website, the business wanted to hone its digital ecommerce experience and create a one-stop-shop for all its customers.  

The solution  

Burmax chose Optimizely’s PIM to quickly and efficiently set up and manage its product catalogue while centralizing all assets and marketing content in one location.  

The PIM functionality is a great tool for small teams looking to quickly set up their catalogue and product data requirements and to efficiently manage the data acquisition and curation process.  

Optimizely PIM enabled the developers to access the site and make fast changes to different elements of the site like photos or product descriptions, a huge advantage from a product development standpoint. What’s more, the technology allowed for the concurrent development of products from its catalogue while designing and building other parts of the website. 

Being able to manage product data and related digital assets with consistency, provide rich and informative digital experiences for customers irrespective of being from a B2C or B2B profile and doing this all in one place with a single data source were all great benefits to Burmax. 

The result  

Burmax didn't need or want to reinvent the wheel, the company just needed to make sure that people could find what they were looking for at the time they were looking for it and make it as easy as possible. The project has resulted in a rich and informative digital experience for its customers.  

The future  

Burmax’s future focus is around content creation and optimizing that content to create an even richer experience for its customers in a concise and timely manner.  

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