1. .NET 5

Previously called .NET Core, this is the very latest development platform from Microsoft and one of the most loved development languages. This release brings significant performance improvements to the platform resulting in even faster customer experiences across all channels.

The goal is that all clients will be able to take advantage of .Net 5 in every aspect of the product. New customers will be able to start building on this when released and existing customers will be able to take advantage of automated migration tooling to streamline the adoption of this version.

2. Content APIs

Optimizely is committed to enabling our customers to deliver content to every channel using REST APIs for everything: defining, managing and delivering content. The constantly evolving APIs already support any modern front-end frameworks such as React, Vue, etc., as well as any additional channels such as mobile apps.

The service can be purchased on an API call basis and further sample SDK will be provided to simplify adoption.

3. Content editing

Streamlining publishing of complex customer journeys. Changes in behavior of the editing and publishing flow for pages, local and shared blocks to streamline the day-to-day content editing and publishing process. As well as easier in-line editing of composed content, all help to increase the efficiency of content cloud users.

The new Content Manager application brings a streamlined editing process for allowing both occasional editors and creators working with complex and large amounts of structured content (as the interface views and facets can be customized).

4. Content modelling

Non-technical users can now define content types and schemas for solutions without affecting developer’s workflow. This allows your information architecture driving your customer experience to be mapped out and validate early in development lifecycles. In tandem with the Content Definitions API, it closes the loop on the creation and development workflow process for building customer experiences.