Today, that’s the key to developing ever better user experiences and dominating your online space.

Hear from Industry Leaders 

The technology landscape continues to expand and evolve at an exponential rate–the number of tech start-ups worldwide currently stands at over 1.35 million (Source: Get2Growth)

Many companies have found the road to a smarter technology stack complex, time-consuming and costly, the key question C-Level Executives are facing: how to achieve scale, velocity and innovation in a rapidly changing technology landscape. 

This series aims to guide you on your journey to a future-proof smart technology stack in partnership with some of the biggest names in software like Segment, Contentsquare, UserTesting, Amplitude, Fullstory and Many more. We’ll showcase how their own successful methods are helping deliver better user experiences, drive growth, and integrate with Optimizely for maximum value – and we’ll show you how to do the same.

So…what can you expect?

Digital Labs will define the new norm for digital and product teams over the course of 8 two-hour online sessions – each held once in a European time zone and again in North American time.

Together, we’ll go through insights-driven product development as an emerging best practice for businesses in the era of digital transformation. We’ll shape the discussion around how Digital Experience and Product Development teams are working together to define best practices. And we’ll share customer stories and real-world examples that bring it all to life.

We’ll guide you every step of the way

You’ll learn directly from the people that have been there and done it: 

  • How to develop your own purpose-built technology stack for digital and product development teams. 
  • How this will empower your development teams to create and deliver better, more innovative digital experiences your users love. 
  • Priceless insights into best practices for creating highly engaging, profitable customer experiences.

Plus, all the solutions you’re going to hear about are easy to integrate, based on open APIs, data portability, and all the benefits of modern SaaS technology that are all supported by a set of downloadable resources you can share across your teams.

Together we can go further, faster. Join us!

Digital Labs will equip you with all the expert guidance and proven insights you need to build a smarter tech stack. From there, you’re all set to say goodbye to guesswork, drive growth and outpace the competition.