a man wearing a white coat and sunglasses

Another Tuesday without a music video being released to tout your amazing work as a conversion optimization professional? Not this time.

a man with glasses and a microphone

Yes, thats right. We’ve taken to the microphone and let loose the debut track from our very own MC Commerce – long time friend of the data-driven pursuits of the online world.

Experimental Marketing at Optimizely and MC Commerce have teamed up to bring you “#TheDataShow: A HipHoptimization Story.”

Enjoy, and please share your thoughts comments in the Optiverse discussion.

a man wearing a white coat and sunglasses

MC Commerce is “tired of a dearth of rap involving optimization and A/B testing related matters.”

To read more about how this came about, read on…

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That time we launched an illuminated blimp up over the right field fence at AT&T park during Green Day’s performance at Dreamforce.

Experimental Marketing at Optimizely constantly aims to challenge the boundaries of typical marketing. This vision has led to disruptive blimps, fake parking tickets, and a host of other campaigns.

A little more than a year ago, our friends over at New Relic launched a video featuring the ‘grandfather of nerdcore hip-hop’ MC Frontalot delivering a rap anthem on behalf of nerds everywhere.

While I am sure everyone desires to be 100% original with their wild ideas, I have found that stretching my imagination with the help of the great ideas of others makes for less frustration when you realize somebody has already built your brilliant app that takes pictures from both cameras at once. I’ve always liked how Jean Luc Godard famously put it: “Its not where you take things from, its where you take them to.” There is always room to be inventive and imaginative without forgetting that its ok to draw from others’ great ideas.

Inspired by the foundation laid by this interesting approach to courting developers, I planted a seed in the back of my mind and began subconsciously ruminating on the musical/lyrical potential of optimization.

Come late January of this year, Experimental Marketing, with help from a new recruit going by the moniker of MC Commerce, finally had a rough idea for a hip-hop track celebrating the journey and evolution of the modern marketer. We tested the song at a company all hands to determine if we had something that could excite.