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As the Digital Experience Economy has matured, it has become ever more vital for brands to continually stay ahead of both the consumer and their competition in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

In the Digital Experience Economy touchpoints across every step of the customer journey, from advertising to websites and mobile apps to customer support and more, benefit from experimentation. Earlier this year we released our Digital Experience Economy report which looked at how top companies are performing, the effect of digital disruption, the ROI of experimentation and the vital importance of culture-shifts that undergird any successful experimentation implementation.

If you’ve already begun an experimentation program and even if you’re just trying to figure out your first step, here are 5 tips to help you move more quickly and get to scale. The more you experiment, the more you learn. 

Five Tips to Getting Experimentation Going at Scale

  1. Run more experiments – More experiments = more learning. And a higher volumes of experiments will facilitate your experimentation program get more traction and achieve greater impact.
  2. Staff up or Train – Experimentation requires resources. Train your staff, ramp experimentation and make the pathway to success smoother. 
  3. Message your Strategy – You’ve had the foresight to see the threat and address it. Make sure your teams know and are aware of their roles and how they can help. 
  4. Failure is both acceptable and expected – Many businesses mistakenly adopt the mantra ‘failure is not an option.’ The irony is that in a digital-first world, this mindset prevents them from trying new things, and that’s actually what leads to business decline. 
  5. Cross Company Collaboration is Key – Customer Experience (CX) touches all parts of the company from IT to sales, operations and marketing. Reach beyond your internal team to foster a culture of shared responsibility and to ensure the customer has a flawless digital experience.