January 23, 2014

Introducing “Preview As” [SLIDESHOW]

When you’re in the thick of testing, targeting visitors by attributes or running multiple experiments on one webpage, it can be difficult to track how your site will appear to your website visitors. The good news? We’re introducing a new feature to streamline your testing and ensure that your visitors have a consistent experience.

One of the best things about A/B testing and website optimization is that you can run multiple experiments at the same time. With overlapping and targeted experiments, it can be hard to know what a user is actually seeing on the page. That’s why we’re excited to introduce “Preview As,” a new feature within Optimizely Preview that allows you to impersonate a visitor to your website and see the page through their eyes.

Wikipedia Preview As

“Preview As” allows you to set up a custom visitor profile with targeted attributes and view your website as if you were that visitor. This makes it easy to:

  • QA your experiments to make sure targeting is set up properly

  • View all the experiments visitors to your site would see based on any targeting criteria

Here’s how it works:

If you’re curious how we designed this feature, check out my post on the design process on my personal blog.