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Optimizely Data and Attribution for Salesforce was previewed at Dreamforce 19, and is now generally available. This release extends the reach of experimentation as both a process and business strategy best practice to joint Salesforce and Optimizely customers. The app easily connects data between the two companies and removes friction for users through additional reporting capabilities and simpler access to data within the Salesforce platform. 

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A View of the New Optimizely App in the Salesforce AppExchange

Optimizely Data and Attribution for Salesforce is the first and only application that connects a user’s online experience–the experiments they see– to a Salesforce lead or contact. This makes it easy for organizations to understand and measure the impact of events and track down funnel or offline metrics. Furthermore it provides enterprises with a powerful solution to see which offers, events, or tests are effective with individual customers as they move through the funnel.  Optimizely Data and Attribution for Salesforce can drive ROI by directly optimizing these down funnel events tracked in Salesforce. A prime example may be something like the conversion of a web form lead to a market qualified lead.

By streamlining workflows teams can be more efficient. One example: if a customer calls customer support with an issue, an agent can easily see the entire experience the customer has had, perhaps an experiment during a Black Friday promotion that has since expired, and provide a more cohesive and personalized end-to-end journey.

With Optimizely Data and Attribution for Salesforce you can have a view of everything from opportunity creation to lead creation, leading to improved customer journeys.

As examples here are two use cases we at Optimizely have envisioned; the ability to display experiment history on contact records in Salesforce so that sales and support teams know which experiments customers have seen, and generate lists of Leads/Contacts that were part of the same experiment and re-target that group via email.

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