January 30, 2020

How to remove the guesswork from your digital strategies with Episerver Visitor Intelligence

Episerver Visitor Intelligence is our analytics platform that allows users to capture data on individual site visits, customer segments and buying journeys.

This resource was created a while ago, so you might see 'Episerver' or any of our other brands show up. Episerver is now Optimizely


It's getting easier to compile all sorts of data on your customers and potential customers today. But how many tools actually deliver actionable insights from deep visitor intelligence so you can effectively target your customers and improve engagement metrics? Episerver Visitor Intelligence helps you not just collect customer data, but helps you turn that data into actionable insights to help drive your marketing campaigns.

For any digital marketer, collecting and making sense of data is a vital part of day-to-day work. However, all too often there are blind spots in data analytics that make it difficult to understand which campaigns are working well and which are not working so well.

Episerver Visitor Intelligence is all about making data actionable. So, if you're curious to get started with Episerver Visitor Intelligence, or simply want to learn how to use it more effectively, here's your 5-minute breakdown of how the product can help you.

Analytics helps you build a comprehensive picture of your customer journeys

It's important to understand the value of mapping out your customer journeys. A customer buying a product, or requesting to speak to a sales rep is only one stage of what is often a long journey made up of multiple touchpoints and engagements. If you were to place all of your eggs in one basket and focus on the last customer touchpoint before they converted, you wouldn't have a clear picture of their journey.

Episerver Visitor Intelligence helps you better understand your customer journey by tracking user behaviour on different platforms, storing that information in the user's profile and enriching that data with geographical information, click history and timings.

Enrich your customer profiles by importing third-party data sources

A customer's interaction with your brand doesn't end with your website; they can interact with your brand through a whole range of channels, and it's important to have visibility into this to drive your marketing campaigns.

Episerver Visitor Intelligence easily integrates with APIs from third party sources to build a thorough picture of your customer journey. For example, you can integrate with call centres to keep track of when a sales rep has reached out to a prospect or customer. Episerver Visitor Intelligence also connects to beacons that can keep track of footfall to your brick and mortar stals, giving you a clearer understanding of your customer interactions.

So, insight clearly helps you gather the data, but how exactly does it make it actionable?

Analytics helps you deliver supercharged campaigns to your users

With a clear understanding of your customer journeys, Episerver Visitor Intelligence helps you deliver more relevant and personalized campaigns through:

  1. Dynamic audiences. Episerver Visitor Intelligence allows you to identify when your visitor's tastes, behavioural patterns and interests begin to evolve, and dynamically updates the audience that your customer maps to accordingly. This ensures customers won't keep receiving content that's no longer relevant to them.
  2. Targeted content. Episerver Visitor Intelligence empowers you to reach and engage new and existing audiences and drive traffic via the channels that work best for them. This helps increase revenue and average order values, and boost customer loyalty, all through relevant content offers and product recommendations delivered at the right time in the right channel.
  3. Increase efficiency. Create persona and user-based segments without the need for labour-intensitve data analysis.