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The year’s event is all about how to build and scale a culture of experimentation at your company; across every team, channel, product and device.

Optimizely’s Executive Chairman & Co-Founder Dan Siroker & CEO Jay Larson opened the show by announcing a host of new platform features and advancements that will greatly improve our customers’ ability to effectively manage and scale their experimentation programs. You can watch the recording of the keynote here

Here’s a recap of the new product capabilities that will be coming soon to Optimizely:

Program Management

Optimizely Program Management is a new suite of solutions that will help our customers manage their experimentation programs throughout the entire lifecycle.

These new capabilities are the result of our integration of Experiment Engine, a company we acquired earlier this year. We are currently piloting this fully integrated solution product with beta customers.

Feature Management

We recognize that it’s essential that experimentation and feature management work hand-in-hand. That’s why we’re excited to share that soon Optimizely X Full Stack will enable product and engineering teams to go beyond experimentation and control the roll out of new features with three new capabilities for Feature Management: Feature Flags, Feature Rollouts, and Feature Variables.

Support for Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites or Single Page Applications (SPAs) have created faster, more performant web experiences, but it’s made experimentation difficult in many cases. We’ve been thinking deeply about this problem and have completely re-engineered the Optimizely X Web product to work seamlessly with dynamic content. We’re excited to announce Support for Dynamic Websites will be coming soon to the Optimizely X platform.

Stats Accelerator

Stats Accelerator, currently in beta, will help our customers experiment faster than they ever could have in the past. Stats Accelerator enables companies to accelerate experimentation and achieve statistical significance up to 300% faster with intelligent traffic optimization. Using machine learning, Stats Accelerator automates the flow of traffic to your experiments, so you can accelerate your learnings and impact.

These new features will be coming soon to Optimizely X, and combined, they will enable our customers to scale and grow their experimentation programs, make decisions and iterate faster, and truly experiment anywhere.