This year’s keynote, hosted by Jay Larson, Optimizely’s CEO, focused on how today’s digital leaders outperform the competition and rapidly adapt to changing customer expectations by replacing digital guesswork with iterative experimentation.

The Optimizely product team, led by SVP of Product Claire Vo, shared the latest in product innovation on Optimizely’s experimentation platform, along with an overview of how each team in an organization—marketing, product, engineering, and data science—plays a key role in creating winning digital experiences.


Here’s a recap of some of the biggest announcements from this year’s keynote:

Performance Edge for Optimizely Web

Performance Edge is a new add-on for Optimizely Web that enables teams to scale client-side experimentation without fear of site performance impact. Performance Edge works by moving experiment execution from the browser to the edge (CDN). With this new capability, along with our zero latency server-side SDKs available in Optimizely Full Stack, Optimizely is now the most performant experimentation solution on the market, whether you are a marketing, product, or engineering team. This capability is currently available in Early Access. Learn more in the Performance Edge blog post.

Optimizely Data Lab

Data and analytics teams often sit at the center of any organization focused on delivering winning digital experiences. They build an end-to-end view of the customer journey by stitching together multiple data sources, and determine core business metrics for analysis. Optimizely Data Lab is a powerful toolkit these data professionals can use to analyze experiment data and build beautiful experiment reports using their own data sources, statistical tests, and custom business metrics, to make better decisions at scale. Data Lab will soon be available in Early Access, and you can read more about it from Optimizely co-founder Pete Koomen.

Optimizely Personalization and AI

graphical user interface, website
With new machine learning capabilities, Optimizely Personalization is seeing massive upgrades. Adaptive Audiences uses natural language processing to dynamically create audiences from personas you define using simple keywords. And the soon-to-be-available Adaptive Recommendations enables you to easily add recommendations to any part of your site to help customers discover relevant products or content. Using machine learning, Optimizely continuously improves your recommendations to deliver hands-off ROI. Learn more about Optimizely Personalization or get in touch with your account team to give it a try.

New SDKs for Optimizely Full Stack

It’s now easier than ever to get started with Full Stack, Optimizely’s robust experimentation and feature flagging platform for product and engineering teams. We are supporting several more languages to expand the range of applications available for testing. New SDKs are live for the popular languages Go and React. Support for React Native is in the works and a recent update to our iOS SDK migrated it to Swift, to enable developers. And, we’ve added many new features, such as automatic datafile management and out-of-the-box event dispatching, that make it easier than ever to get up and running. To try feature flagging, you can start for free today with Optimizely Rollouts.

The Optimizely ROI Model

Proving the impact of the work you are doing as an experimentation team can sometimes feel nebulous: How do you quantify the business value of delivering a delightful customer experience? This is why we’ve created the Optimizely ROI Model. With this model, you can estimate and communicate the financial impact to the company of the work your team is doing. The Optimizely ROI Model is available now for Optimizely customers, through your customer success manager. Learn more about the Optimizely ROI Model.

On-Demand Services

Whether you’re just getting started with testing and need to jumpstart your program, or you’re looking to 10x your experimentation velocity quickly, On-Demand Services can help. An offering from Optimizely’s services team, On-Demand Services arm you with a skilled team of designers, developers, and experimentation experts that can take your experiment ideas and execute on delivering A/B test variations. Contact your customer success manager to get started.

Watch the Opticon 2019 keynote to learn more about all the latest product announcements and services from Optimizely.

The opening keynote replay will be available to view shortly at https://www.optimizely.com/opticon/.