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Opticon Training Day will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

On Wednesday, September 11, join one of five add-on training sessions to help you improve your skills no matter your level or experience.

Opticon19 Out-experiement. OutperformJust getting started with Optimizely X Web? Join us for one of our foundational level courses. In “Building Blocks of Optimizely X Web Experimentation,” you’ll learn how to instrument your site to run your first experiments with Optimizely X Web Experimentation, use our visual and code editors to create engaging variations, and learn best practices for quality assurance.

If you’re an experienced web tester that’s looking to get the most value from your tests, join us for “Beyond the Basics: Advanced Experimentation Techniques,” where you’ll learn best practices for leveraging Optimizely X Web Experimentation’s advanced features such as targeting, segmentation, and custom events to gain deep insights about your users. 

In “Foundations of Feature Management and Full Stack Experimentation for Developers” you’ll learn our best practices for architecting an implementation of Optimizely’s Full Stack SDK’s. Then learn how to experiment and roll out Features to reduce risk when launching, and leverage Feature Variables to iterate with fewer depencies on code releases.

Product managers and product owners are invited to join “Operationalizing Full Stack and App Experimentation for Product Managers,” where you’ll learn how to leverage experimentation throughout the product development process, to help you build more valuable products that your users will love.

And if you’ve built a strong basis for your testing program, but want to grow your skills, join us for the full day course “Experimentation Master Class: Improve your Maturity through Team, Culture, Strategy.” You’ll learn how to uplevel your experimentation program by leveraging user psychology principles, crafting better hypotheses, driving deeper insights from your experiment results, and better organize your experimentation program, and set goals for your program as a whole.

So no matter your skills, take them up a level at Training Day. Learn more in our course prospectus and add a course to your Opticon19 ticket today!