This year, Opticon20 is going virtual and is free to attend. Join us on September 16th and 17th in North America, and September 29th and 30th in Europe to learn how to use progressive delivery and experimentation to validate ideas, reduce risk, and ship better products and experiences faster.  Leaders from category-defining companies including AMC Networks, Charles Schwab, Github, and more will be sharing their success stories, strategies, and best practices for improving product development and driving growth. Optimizely’s product team will be announcing the latest improvements to Optimizely’s digital experience platform and providing a sneak peek at our roadmap. Check out the full agenda here.

The science of getting it right

Learn about the science of getting it right from some of the most innovative companies in the world about how they use data, experimentation, and progressive delivery to reduce uncertainty and make decisions based on data vs. opinion. This year, Day 2 of Opticon is Opticode, and is dedicated to helping product and engineering teams with even more technical examples and customer stories. 

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn from industry leaders who have increased their product velocity and driven growth while reducing bugs
  • Try new tools in hands-on workshops and demos where you can openly ask instructors questions at Opticode
  • Network with Optimizely team members, customers, and partners to exchange learnings and ideas.

Can’t miss sessions for product and engineering teams

AMC Experiments Faster on the Server-side

Speeding up innovation only matters when the products you deliver drive positive outcomes. Hear from Yoshi Ito, VP of Information Networks, and Jon Kelison, VP of Product Management, on how AMC uses experimentation to challenge their assumptions and evaluate ideas as painted door tests before investing in significant development.  They’ll also share how they overcame the challenges of experimenting across a multitude of platforms.

Building a 5-star Product with Feature Flags

An effective Product Manager’s secret weapons are feature flagging and experimentation. Eric Metelka, Senior Product Manager at Cameo, shares how to use these practices to deliver better products and drive higher growth while safely rolling out new products and changes, working autonomously, and effectively managing stakeholders.

Can’t miss sessions for marketing and growth teams

Evolving Experimentation from CRO to Product Development

An obsession with data, efficiency, and delivering incredible customer experiences are just a few things that the CNN Consumer Science and Software Engineering teams have in common. Simple A/B testing practices evolved into a culture of experimentation, sparking new development practices across the organization. Learn from Christian Oliver, Sr. Director, Audience Development & Analytics, and Tony Wilson, Sr. Tech Director Consumer Experience about how CNN drives results across their entire platform from websites to mobile apps. 

Zillow + Optimizely: Building the Bridge to $20 billion Revenue

Join Jason Tabert, Senior CRO Marketing Specialist, and learn how Zillow is using Optimizely’s experimentation, personalization and integrations to help grow their revenue to $20 billion by helping their customers cross the real estate chasm from despair to delight.

Can’t miss sessions for executives

Experimentation through Clients’ Eyes

At Charles Schwab, they have a mantra of viewing the world through their client’s eyes.  When it comes to building digital experiences and running experiments, winning isn’t just about moving metrics, it’s also about improving customer experience. Sara Tresch, SVP of Digital Services at Schwab, will be discussing how Schwab designs products and experiments with a client-first mindset.

Shipping to Learn and Accelerate Growth

Will 2020 mark the shift to a remote-first world in the long run? For GitHub, a distributed workforce is nothing new. Join Sha Ma, VP of Engineering, and Gregory Ceccarelli, Director of Data Science, to learn how they built and scaled a successful experimentation program. They’ll share their experience implementing Optimizely across timezones, a remote workforce, and a new business model.

It’s going to be an incredible conference! For those of you in North America, we hope you’ll join us virtually on September 16 and 17 or September 29th and 30th if you are based in Europe. Tickets are free but don’t forget to sign up to reserve your seat!