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As software development becomes more complex and consumer behavior changes ever more quickly, development teams are becoming more agile — shipping smaller and more frequently to production to get working experiences to customers faster and deliver more predictably. The most cutting-edge teams are also launching with feature flags to test in production and mitigate the risk of anything going wrong, and they’re experimenting, collecting data on how customers are using the product and features in order to make decisions and iterate.

Just building and releasing features is no longer enough to create products that drive business success. Instead, top teams are measuring the value to customers of each new feature to ensure they are investing in building the right products for customers.

Bring feature flag and rollout visibility to every release

Leading software development teams are using a new set of tools to deliver world-class digital experiences. Jira Software helps teams plan, track, and ship on time, while Optimizely’s experimentation platform provides feature flags for minimizing launch risk and experimentation to understand the impact of every new release.

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Link Optimizely Feature Flags to Jira Issues

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See the status of Optimizely rollouts in Jira

With the new integration, you can link feature flags from Optimizely Full Stack to Jira issues. See the the status of your flags and rollouts in Jira, so that you can tell whether flags are on or off, or rolled out to a percentage of users. This helps teams minimize context-switching between Optimizely and Jira Software. When someone else on the team turns on a feature for a percentage of your audience, you’ll automatically see that information on the Jira issue.

This is just the beginning for our partnership

Over the next several months, we will be adding even more to this integration, including the ability to link experiments from Web and Full Stack to Jira issues, and connect Ideas from Program Management with Jira issues to bridge experiment backlogs in Optimizely and product backlogs in Jira Software.

Try it today

If you’re already an Optimizely Full Stack customer, you can enable the integration today by following the steps in this Knowledge Base article about the integration or going directly to the Atlassian marketplace listing.