Optimizely Labs

Optimizely Labs was built out of the need of many Optimizely customers: Getting step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of Optimizely’s digital experience platform through APIs, integrations, and custom solutions.

For companies looking to thrive online, a smart technology stack is crucial; yet today it is still extremely time-consuming for companies to build integrations and custom solutions, without spending thousands of costly engineering hours.

Companies that do not integrate their technology stack are missing out on crucial data points, essential to better understand their customers’ behaviors. This is exactly where Optimizely Labs comes in. 

So what does this mean for customers and partners? Let’s find out!

Customers: Get Access To Built-For-You Integrations & Custom Solutions Today

Optimizely Labs is an integrated, code-first solution to publish custom Optimizely solutions & integrations. Partners and customers have already published solutions that span across areas like integrations with third-party platforms, data analysis notebooks or Optimizely Web extensions. 

Optimizely Labs

To use a solution published on Optimizely Labs, it’s extremely easy. Simply head to the Optimizely Lab’s homepage, pick a solution and follow the attached documentation to your solution. 

Each solution follows a step-by-step template so regardless of the solution you pick, you’ll see right away what needs to be done to implement and validate that the solution is working as expected. 

Partners & Customers: what benefits do you get by getting your solutions published on Optimizely Labs?

Optimizely Labs Github

When published, your solution gets its very own landing page, and allows Optimizely customers to either download, integrate or copy/paste the solution directly into their Optimizely account. 

Because your solution gets its own landing page, sharing your Optimizely Labs solution is very simple via your solution’s unique link. Share it with prospects, customers or partners can help to spread the word about your solution.

Optimizely Labs Integration

Who can contribute to Optimizely Labs?

Optimizely Labs follows guidelines to make it easy for everyone to create, review and publish solutions. 

Publishing content on Optimizely Labs is extremely easy. Simply fork this GitHub repository and create a pull request with your changes. One of Optimizely’s Developer Advocates will review your changes, and publish your solution. 

As part of the publishing process, we ask that contributors submit a README file as well as a metadata file, containing instructions on how to use the technical solution and provide details about its license, author and current version. 

We highly encourage partners and customers to publish solutions, in particular: 

  • Technology Partners who want to document their solutions on optimizely.com 
  • Solutions Partners who want to publish content that they can share with their customers
  • Customers who want to share with the rest of the Optimizely ecosystem their solutions

Any solution that leverages Optimizely can be published, including:

  • Any CMS add-ons
  • Any Analytics & Audiences integrations
  • Any Optimizely technical solutions 

So, what are you waiting for? Start contributing to Optimizely Labs now!