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 Our team is expanding globally to keep up with the growing demand from 5,000+ customers using Optimizely in over 50 different countries. Since launching Optimizely in nine new languages and a blog entirely in German, we’ve seen international traffic explode. Today, over 50% of our website traffic comes from visitors outside the U.S., and starting today we will be serving vast majority of our customers in their local currency by allowing payments in British Pounds (GBP) and the Euro (EUR) in addition to U.S. Dollars (USD).

The ability to pay for Optimizely in local currencies is one of the ways we are striving to delight our customers across the globe. The time and money it will save is significant since you’ll no longer need to forecast currency fluctuations or pay exchange fees. “Optimizely continues to earn the trust of our team by helping us reach our goals quickly. The ability to pay for Optimizely’s platform in our own currency has supported the speed and quality of our marketing efforts,” says Timo Dominiok, Project Manager E-Commerce at “We’re glad to see this feature being rolled out to all customers.”


On the pricing page, new customers will now see prices in the actual amount of local currency they will pay. We hope this allows you to spend less time budgeting and calculating exchange rates, and more time actually testing.

Customers with Platinum plans are already able to pay in local currency and will see no change to their Optimizely account. For existing customers on Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans interested in switching to a local currency, please see this article on our knowledge base.

In addition to localized sites and local currency, we provide customer support, sales and weekly training webinars in multiple time zones. This is just another way for us to serve our customers beyond borders.

You can sign up today and pay in your local currency after your 30 day free trial ends.