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We are excited to announce that Optimizely Program Management in now generally available. Optimizely Program Management helps customers build, scale, and accelerate their experimentation programs. With Program Management, customers can increase the velocity of their experimentation programs by up to 5x.

Today’s industry-leading companies take a different approach to building products and experiences than they did in the past. Before, companies might have spent months or years developing new features and releasing them to the world, but today’s digital leaders take a different approach–every day, they ideate, experiment, and measure to drive the highest-value experiences for customers. At these companies, every message, every feature, and every product is a potential experiment with every employee across the team developing hypotheses about the next growth opportunity.

Optimizely gives companies the capability to experiment across all their digital touchpoints, with solutions to test and personalize everywhere. This is incredibly powerful–but to capture the full value of experimentation, companies need teams supporting the entire lifecycle of experimentation. It’s not enough to simply build experiments in a silo. Teams need to ideate, prioritize, execute, and share learnings across the organization, so everyone from the CEO down is connected to experimentation. And to remain competitive, companies need to do all of this with greater velocity and at greater scale than ever before.

In October, we announced a beta for Optimizely Program Management, a solution that helps companies build and scale their experimentation programs, which features two major capabilities:

  • Teams help companies collaborate more effectively with an integrated hub for capturing ideas, prioritizing projects, and managing experiments across an organization.
  • Program Reporting gives companies powerful insights into the performance of their experimentation program with a new executive dashboard. With Program Reporting, enterprises can track velocity and win rates over time, uncover new insights, and improve oversight across projects and teams.

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New Program Reporting Dashboard

During our beta period, we worked with small teams just starting experimentation to large enterprises scaling 1,000’s of experiments across 1,000’s of employees. Program Management provides the organization, coordination, and visibility these teams need to truly develop a culture of ongoing experimentation. We received amazing feedback from these teams during the beta.

Olivier Tatard, Experimentation Lead at the BBC, had this to say:

“The high-level view that we see through Optimizely’s new Program Management dashboard provides us with invaluable insights into experimentation at the BBC and across our products. Furthermore, Program Management allows us to consolidate what were previously multiple tools into a single, slick environment, drastically improving the efficiency of our end-to-end workflow.”

By leveraging the management, collaboration, and reporting features of Program Management, organizations can increase the velocity of their experimentation programs by up to 5x. Today, we are excited to announce that Optimizely Program Management is now generally available to customers on select Optimizely plans.


This launch is the culmination of Optimizely’s acquisition of Experiment Engine earlier this year. The Experiment Engine team and technology are now fully integrated, and I am so excited to bring these new solutions to Optimizely customers. Optimizely has always been focused on helping companies win through experimentation, and I am thrilled that we are now supporting organizations through the full experimentation process with these new capabilities.

To learn more about Program Management, please join our webinar on January 17th or contact your Optimizely representative to get started today.