June 24, 2021

The Roadmap to Building an Optimization Culture [Ebook]

Choosing the right platform for testing is just one step towards building a successful culture of experimentation at your company. We’re taking on issues like lack of buy-in, objections to testing, and fostering a data-driven team in our latest publication. Grab your copy and tell us what you think!

Shana Rusonis

In theory, A/B testing is straightforward. First, run controlled experiments on your website to determine which version(s) perform best. Next, sit back and reap the rewards of an ultra-optimized site. In practice, starting the process of experimentation invites many more questions. Who will own testing? Who makes a judgement call about which tests to run, and when? How do I preserve best practices and develop the best talent for optimization at my company?

By implementing a testing culture, you will usher in transparency as well as uncertainty. The next steps for your optimization team can be unclear.

At Optimizely, we’re thrilled to see the success of our customers improving how businesses run online. We also understands how pitfall-riddled the process can be. Because getting from A to B is difficult, we’ve penned a guide.

Here are some of the questions we want to help you solve:

  • Which testing platform best fits my needs?

  • How do I move my team towards a data-driven culture?
  • How do I identify testing talent at my company?

  • What are the best ways to spread testing excitement internally?

The Roadmap to Optimization

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