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Is Amazon Business gong to kill the distribution industry?

Will maufacturers have to slice margins to compete with massive portals?

Is everyone and everything becoming commoditized as buyers search for higher efficiency and lower prices?

If B2B Marketplaces are making your head spin, you've come to the right place

Manufacturers and distributors are facing heightened pressure from B2B marketplaces. Should you begin selling on them? Should you try to compete with them? One thing is certain: you should not ignore them.

In this all-new guide to B2B marketplaces you’ll uncover:

  • Top global and niche B2B marketplaces – what you need to know about them and how you can play nice with them
  • The benefits and challenges B2B marketplaces present to manufacturers and distributors
  • How to create the right B2B marketplace strategy for your business
  • How Episerver customers have developed creative techniques for selling on – and competing with – B2B marketplac