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While there have been strides made in areas of diversity and inclusion, we have not done nearly enough. 

As a member of the LGBTQ community, I have witnessed firsthand what great leadership can do for a community. When now California Governor Gavin Newsom legalized same-sex marriages 16 years ago, he fought the issue head-on. He, himself, is not part of the LGBTQ community but he is an ally and galvanized our voices demanding progress and positive change. That’s what we need more of right now. 

We must come together, support one another, and join our voices for one another. On Monday, June 1, our DIG (Diversity and Inclusion Group) brought our global team together to host an open forum on how we can do more as a company, as a community, as colleagues to bring equality and justice to everyone, regardless of race. 

We can’t sit by and watch any longer. Now more than ever, we must be empathetic, learn from our peers, and take action to do what we can to fuel change. 

Alongside support groups and keeping the conversation going, our Optinauts are supporting their local communities as well as contribute to the following organizations to support a better, truly inclusive future:

Colorofchangeorg Education Fund Inc. 

National Urban League Inc.

National Police Accountability Project

We will continue to contribute to these important foundations but we will also continue to lead Optimizely to be an open and safe place for our team to have hard conversations and be heard, and face inequality and prejudice in our world head-on together. Without everyone using their voices, we won’t bring change. We need to see that change.