Experimenting on your website can help create a better customer experience and, in turn, drive more revenue for the company. Experimenting on which vendor can give you the best experimentation platform will be costly, and you won’t look good if you landed on the wrong one (hint: Oracle Maxymiser). This guide will help you make the right and intelligent choice quickly and start experimenting.

Optimizely lives and breathes experimentation with over 1 million test runs conducted, and 9,000 brands worldwide chose Optimizely over Oracle Maxymiser. Here are five ways how Optimizely beats Oracle Maxymiser at experimentation.

1. Optimizely makes experimentation easy

Optimizely’s experimentation platform does not require coding and development. The single-page application functionality will help you easily map a page to an actual URL without tinkering with any codes.

Unlike Oracle Maxymiser, Optimizely’s intuitive UI allows your teams of different departments, be it marketing or engineering, to experiment without sacrificing developer-focused functions for more sophisticated experimentation. 

2. Optimizely supports you 24/7/365

With over 350 people dedicated to product development, documentation, education, customer success, services, strategy, and support, Optimizely will be there for you around the clock, wherever you are.

Things can get complicated when you need help with Oracle Maxymiser. Expect to pay anything and everything. Oh, you have a quick question? It doesn’t matter; they’ll bill you anyway.

3. Optimizely values its customer’s feedback

Optimizely’s product roadmap is guided by customers’ feedback and realized by a team of experts. Our experimentation platform is tailored according to the customers’ needs which is why many have chosen Optimizely over Oracle Maxymiser.

4. Optimizely offers superior full stack functions

With up to 16 software development kits (SDKs) and unlimited rollouts, Optimizely allows you to create more experiments to measure impact. Experiment anywhere in the tech stack and any element with Optimizely’s robust functionality.

Oracle Maxymiser on the other hand lacks developer-focused features. Instead of driving value through experimentation, your product and developer teams might question the capabilities of the platform if you stick with Oracle Maxymiser.

5. Optimizely understands experimentation like no other

Our team is knowledgeable about our platform and has spent over a decade in experimentation, unlike the guys at Oracle Maxymiser due to their high churn rate in product experts. There is a team of experts dedicated to your success, and they’d be more than happy to share their knowledge with you so that you can create better and sophisticated experiments.

You can also access the Optiverse Academy at no charge for a full certification course to enable your employees to hit the ground running with Optimizely.  Be prepared to pay more than $3000 per employee for a course with Oracle.

Our sole focus is experimentation, and with Optimizely, you know you’re in good hands. Our approach to experimentation is to help you create sophisticated experiments faster, simpler, and get accurate results. And that’s why more customers are choosing Optimizely over Oracle Maxymiser.