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Having spent my career in sales and marketing, I have a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of the global community of developers, agencies, e-commerce leaders and marketers that Episerver brings together.

It’s a remarkable time in Episerver’s history. It has seen double-digit growth in recent years and is poised to serve customers in more places across the globe than ever before, with a product pipeline to match its ambitions.

Episerver’s growth also comes at a time when marketing is serving crucial needs for business and society:

  • The need for speed: The recent global movement sparked by Black Lives Matter in the United States demonstrates the need for brands to respond quickly to emerging groups. When a company’s stakeholders and customers demand to see their concerns reflected in how a brand expresses itself, swiftness matters. I am inspired how Episerver’s technology can help companies get new messages and products to market with speed and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing needs of their customers.
  • The digital imperative: At this moment in history and for the foreseeable future, a brand’s digital presence makes up the entirety of how it reaches customers. The customer journey and the user experience on our screens is quite literally everything. At the height of Covid uncertainty, 84% of business leaders told us that increasing digital expectations from their customers or partners is their top external threat. Marketers must ensure this digital connection is relevant, personalized, and follows through on their brand promise online whether B2B or B2C – from research, interest and purchase. Like so much else, Covid-19 has only intensified this trend. At Episerver, I look forward to innovating with our customers to bring new creative digital experiences to life, together with our vast ecosystem of over 800 agency partners and 60,000 developers.
  • Empowering growing brands: Accelerating the growth of small- and midsize enterprises (SMEs) is also crucial to the global economic recovery. They outnumber bigger companies, and their larger numbers mean a diversity of products and business models that help sustain innovation. SMEs also sustain our shared cultural life at a time when we can’t access it in person. So many of our cultural institutions, from sports teams to museums, are SMEs, along with regional businesses that serve as the lifeblood of local communities. SMEs are further job creators, generating up to 60-70% of new jobs in both developed and developing nations. For the sake of growth, these companies need fast, polished marketing solutions they can afford with world-class performance. Many large enterprises are also looking to the mid-market for inspiration in how to adapt quickly to change and create flexibility in their digital business models. Take a look at the recent Forrester Research study on the Total Economic Impact, which shows that compared to the nearest competitor, Episerver delivers three times the ROI and a payback period that is twice as fast.

Especially given the increasing importance of marketing in our cultural connections and economic health, I am proud to join Episerver at a time when it’s more important than ever for digital technology to help accelerate recovery and renewal.

In my role as a marketing leader, I have inhabited that spot between vision and real-world execution, between the art and science of my profession, for much of my career. Having a trusted platform that integrates tech and scales easily makes more room for pure creativity. By growing the number of brands who work with Episerver, I’ll be making more room for creative expression and personalized relevance from the world’s greatest technologists and marketers. And for me, that’s a dream come true.

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