Recognizing the changing needs of its customers

Buyers Products embarked on its digital transformation journey in 2016. Before implementing Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud, the company was seeing a range of orders being placed through the EDI, phone calls/CSRs and email and fax. Customers were visiting multiple, independent static sites which all had limited functionality, poor user experience and no ordering capabilities. Customers were going to the sites looking for information on inventory, order status and tracking and availability.

Buyers Products knew that in order to do eCommerce right, they had to invest in a powerful solution. Building a strong platform from day zero was mission critical.

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Driving digital on the right side of the road

Buyers Products launched its search for a foundational platform that would power B2B and B2C experiences, host a robust product catalog and enable partners as an online portal.

Buyers Products had a clear vision about what its new eCommerce experience would have to deliver for its customers. The right platform would have out-of-the-box capabilities like:

  • Robust search
  • Configuration
  • Dealer search
  • Complex pricing
  • Customer-specific catalogs
  • Multi-site
  • Personas
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Product restrictions
  • Inventory availability
  • Order history

Optimizely was instrumental in four major categories of Buyers Products’ digital transformation. With Optimizely, Buyers Products was able to create pull through demand to the site, showcase the breadth of products, attract new business partners and make it easier for customers to do business with the company.

Just 60 days after implementing Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud in September 2017, Buyers Products drove 10% of orders online. Today, Buyers Products sees more than 1,000 “Where-to-Buy” requests per day.

What's next?

Buyers is continuing to attract new business partners and create pull-through demand to its site.

Every day on the website, individuals are filling out customer applications, these leads are being fed through an internal vetting process

Buyers will continue to focus on monitoring website analytics, building better customer experiences and providing the highest quality products and customer service.


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