Agiito Travel and Events sees 100% increase in web leads

Agiito Travel and Events appeal to a wider customer base with their Optimizely built site

At a glance

  • 22% increase in site visits

  • 69% increase in mobile visitors

  • 100% increase in web generated leads

Increasing audience connectivity

Agiito Travel and Events is a travel, meetings and events management company. Agiito secures, books and manages point-to-point travel, as well as ensuring it’s fully traceable with a bespoke online security tracking system. Agiito Travel and Events’ clients include F&F, Direct Line Group, Burges Salmon, National Grid and many more.

Agiito Travel and Events has a varied client base and service offering and previously most of its website traffic came from people looking to manage corporate travel costs. The company wanted to widen its audience by creating a new website that appealed to procurement managers looking for a partner to help reduce corporate travel costs but also to event planners looking for a team that can deliver creativity for an event to remember.

Making moves through digital

Agiito Travel and Events partnered with Appius full service digital agency to create the new site using Optimizely’s customer-centric platform. Key functionalities of the site include:

  • Specific hubs of content focused on different audience needs such as modes of travel, or specific event types
  • High impact imagery and rich media to support the experiential needs of the event team, and testimonials and business case content aimed at procurement managers to quantify cost and efficiency savings made
  • Thought leadership content with data capture functionality to allow users to sign up
  • Relevant and tailored content designed to improve engagement across both the customer and prospect user base
  • Flexible campaign page templates to support Agiito Travel in in-bound digital campaigns

Specific user journeys have been designed to ensure that distinctive user groups are able to quickly access the content that is relevant to them using Optimizely Search & Navigation. Hubs of content have been created around product and service areas, but also around specific job roles.

A news and insights section which makes use of categories to allow the Agiito team to surface content in multiple places depending on the topic, allowing users to filter by category and increase the relevance of the information based on preference.

The Results

The new website, delivered on time and on budget, has been extremely well received and is generating exciting levels of leads. Since its launch it has seen a 22% increase in visits, 45% increase in site performance, 69% increase in mobile visitors and a 100% increase in web generated leads. Agiito’s objective of channelling traffic to its events section on the site has also been achieved, with this page already displaying in the top 10 most viewed pages, having not been there previously.


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