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Shelter-in-place: Challenges and opportunities in online food delivery during the pandemic

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With the coronavirus outbreak, people are home, they need food delivered, and there has never been more options for getting groceries, meal kits or hot dinners dropped off at your door. Consumers face a paradox of choice–do I want to cook tonight or take out?–and on the business side traditional models are blurring as demand surges. In fact, supermarkets have seen a 189% increase in online traffic, and an 80% increase in online transactions, over the past few months.

This video shares trends in the food delivery space since shelter-in-place orders became the norm, information on regional preferences, and benchmarks for customer engagement across the industry. To stand out in this crowded field, restaurants, supermarkets and delivery services need to evolve to retain and engage customers. Product and engineering teams can build the right products, and build their product right, by adopting the latest best practices in progressive delivery and experimentation. With the right approach, users will get the best possible experience and return to your service over and over again.