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In October 2020, Episerver acquired Optimizely.

This acquisition happened during a year in which the digital experience space evolved at lightning speed, and we know that your ambitions and needs did too.  

To help you meet your ambitious goals, we needed to set our company’s ambitions equally as high… 

To this end, we knew that we needed to combine the strength of Episerver and Optimizely to ensure we’re providing you with the best-in-class Digital Experience Platform. 

We’re excited to share that this year, Episerver and Optimizely will move forward as a combined business under the name Optimizely. 

In this 1 hour webinar, we invite our customers to join us to go through the new brand and future product strategy in more detail. 


Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies

Head of Brand & Digital

Edward Barrow

Vice President, Product Strategy at Optimizely