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Network 10: Delivering Personalised Experiences at Scale with An Experimentation Mindset

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The television landscape has evolved dramatically as streaming services dominate the market, changing the audience’s digital experience. Traditional television broadcasters are taking notes and getting comfortable with the idea of experimentation to re-shift their priority from being content led to digital experience first. But what does experimentation look like for broadcasting services? 

In this webinar, Jason Tippins, Senior Product Manager of Data, Personalisation and Experimentation at Network 10, shares his experience on what it takes to embark on the personalisation journey. Using experimentation, Network 10 shifted its focus from being content led to focusing on digital experience. 

In just 20 minutes, you’ll also learn:  

  • How focusing on digital experience helped Network 10 increase 200% in user engagement and click-through rates 
  • Why building a culture of experimentation within an organisation can empower the team to experiment more 
  • How to create a framework that’ll guide and maximise personalisation campaigns 



Jason Tippins

Senior Product Manager