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Mind The Gap: Why Digital is the Future for B2B Commerce

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As the B2B industry continues to evolve, ecommerce has emerged as more than a nice to have — it’s a must-have. The last few years of explosive ecommerce growth have intensified the need for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors alike to shift their focus online.

However, as competition in the digital arena increases, so do the pressures. Organizations are expected to create a seamless experience for every buyer, while simultaneously maximizing sales and increasing internal efficiencies. It’s no wonder so many are finding this new wave of B2B commerce challenging!

Join Optimizely for a look at the future of B2B commerce and how manufacturers and wholesalers can adapt in 2022.

In this masterclass we discuss:

  • The latest trends, challenges and opportunities in B2B commerce
  • How leading Manufacturing & Distributor companies are digitally transforming in 2022
  • Concrete steps you can take to ensure that your next digital initiative is a success