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Embracing and identifying the failures of your experiment

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Watch the webinar to find out how retailers can turn losses into wins and derive meaningful insights from any test. 

In order to experiment and deliver personalized experiences, teams must also embrace the possibility of failure – but what do you do when it actually happens? How do you look beyond the results to derive useful insights from failed tests?

Join Optimizely, Valtech, and Contentsquare for a panel discussion on how retailers can turn failures into potential gold mines of information for personalization to ensure every test yields meaningful results.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why testing “fails” – and why this isn’t always a bad thing
  • How to properly consider outside factors influencing your experimentation practice
  • Tips on measuring the effectiveness of your UI/UX design and ad placements
  • Iterative testing best practices to quickly determine what works and what doesn’t