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Experimentation In The Enterprise: How to Make Software Experimentation Profitable At Every Level

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Whether you sell financial products, B2B widgets, or professional services - every business is now a software company.

Software is the ultimate source of capacity, competitiveness, innovation, quality, and agility of companies. What separates the good companies from the great companies - is the software they use and the experiments they run in order to integrate and deploy both new and existing software solutions.

In “Experimentation In The Enterprise”, Optimizely’s Elizabeth Gabster and senior Forrester Research analyst, Chris Condo, will explore the role of software experimentation in large enterprises in every industry and why it’s critical to power business growth across all departments.

In just 45mins you will learn:

  • How to build and sustain a culture of continual experimentation
  • What experimentation frameworks you should use to achieve business outcomes
  • Which major enterprises have used software testing to achieve positive ROI