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As online traffic continues to shift from desktops to mobile devices with slower connections, page load speed equals success: customers visit faster loading sites more often, stay for longer, and purchase from them more frequently.

Experimentation improves user experience. The more tests you run, the greater the impact on key business metrics, like conversion rates. But with some platforms, more testing can lead to bloated client-side code, which results in a slower page. With Optimizely you get 10x faster performance than any other client side experimentation tool, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our virtual fireside chat features in-house Performance Experts Michael Hood and Whelan Boyd discussing how you can scale experimentation without slowing down your site.

Watch to learn:

  • Best practices of performance and experimentation.
  • The pitfalls of partnering with the wrong experimentation vendor.
  • How new Optimizely Performance Edge uses less data, less code, and faster machines to decrease median load times to as little as 50 milliseconds - faster than the blink of an eye.