How Filippa K sets fashion trends online

Shifting the world of fashion retail in to a conscious, purposeful buying experience for consumers

Founded in 1993, the Swedish fashion house has exceeded all expectations, growing into one of the leading brands in Scandinavia. They operate a footprint across Europe with physical stores in; Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Belgium.In their own words, they have, "stayed true to the founding values of style, simplicity, and quality".

Holding a strong regard for a sustainable, circular economy, Filippa K have built a network of repairing and recycling garments. They are often viewed as the leading clothing brand when it comes to environmental aspects.


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Reflecting consumers

To cement their progressive mission, Filippa K understand that their customers must come first in everything they do. Mikael share that his team "relate to our customers on their level to be that personal brand. It's something that it's not coming from the management team. It's coming from the team, we're just letting creativity flow".

With the ambition to maximise customer engagement, Filippa K leverage the Optimizely Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform. Today, their digital tool set comprises of;

This roster of digital tools power Filippa K every hour of everyday to create intimate, resonating experiences for each online visitor. They deploy their Optimizely Commerce Cloud environment in a smart way, Filippa K are leading the change in consumer behavior by delivering meaningful and exclusive experiences that inspire action. The growing influx of visitors is handled by Microsoft Azure. The Cloud platform gives true scalability 24/7 meaning the site can expand as demand grows during campaigns and promotions – without downtime.

The platform enables Filippa K to build a better, more in-depth picture at their customer base from across the globe. "I would say that there are more similarities than differences. You would see certain buying patterns in way how they choose to begin their journey. We're sometimes surprised, even in our Asian markets, how similar their buying pattern is as well, which we'd never expected", Mikael says when talking about learnings from customer insight.

Taking into account visitor intelligence data, Filippa K can better analyse the operation between physical and online environments. "We learn how they're going in physical stores buying, so we can see now any kind of data, even qualitative", says Mikael. Future development is about bringing more of the physical store experience, qualitative and quantitative data into the E-commerce platform to create even deeper engagement. Intelligent product and content recommendations may be utilized to automatically suggest purchase items.

"Working with mobile-first in mind was critical for us, especially to be able to grasp the global environment"

When it comes to mobile, Filippa K are making massive gains. Mikael enlightens us, saying ‘’we saw that if you look at in the Nordics, you're seeing advanced and really good displays on mobile. The only way that they wanted to buy was mobile and that is the trend we still see’’.

To facilitate an all-immersive mobile experience, Filippa K have created a Progress Web App (PWA) that allows visitors to browse the site even when offline. "It's super-fast on the normal basis, yes. It's so much faster with the progressive web app after you've downloaded it and you're working with it" Mikael tells us. "So what happens is that you get that instant experience".

A complete ecommerce suite

With vast experience in ecommerce, Mikael leans on his leadership expertise when it comes to reviewing Optimizely. Mikael notes it robust power, scalability, and speed of the platform. However, he concludes by simply saying, "It's been really easy working with Optimizely".

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