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Flügger: Painting a B2B buying experience to meet new expectations

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When Flügger embarked on a journey to increase the digitalization of their value chain, there were many pieces to puzzle together to make sure to both comply to industry regulations, secure a coherent customer experience across channels and create value for both employees, customers and resellers.

Join this webinar when they together with our partner Kraftvaerk share their story of how to build a digital ecosystem increasing internal efficiency while also creating a customer-centric experience.

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Building a cross-border digital ecosystem for both B2B and B2C

In this webinar you will listen to Flügger´s story of how they built a digital ecosystem including commerce, CMS, PIM and ERP to support an omnichannel experience for mainly to start with for B2B, but also in the long run directly to consumers.

Join us and get inspiration on how to accelerate your growth, get your sales team excited about your digital channels while not losing track of the customer experience when adapting to new ways of doing business.


Mårten Bokedal

Director Product Strategy Nordics