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How experimentation is building world class eCommerce brands

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Recently, online digital retailers have been leaning towards experimentation as the way to move forward and grow. As the landscape grows complex, coupled with the evolving consumer journey, retailers need a better and more holistic approach to understand their customers better. But what does it require to take the first leap towards experimentation? 

In this webinar, Simon McDonald at Optimizely and Josh Panebianco at Tryzens talk to Mitul Lakhani, Head of Digital Product at Showpo, about their experimentation journey. From thriving on social marketing to being product-led, Mitul shares how Showpo plans to progress further by shifting its focus to putting customers at the forefront with experimentation. 

In just 40 minutes, you’ll also learn:  

  • The internal adjustments you need to make so that your experimentation can deliver groundbreaking changes  
  • 2 experimentation results that surprised Showpo 
  • 3 tips on how to start a successful experimentation program 


a man with a beard

Mitul Lakhani

Head of Digital Product, Showpo
a man smiling for the camera

Josh Panebianco

Optimisation Lead, Tryzen