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How the most successful brands are adapting for commerce today and preparing for tomorrow.

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Content, Commerce and…COVID: How the most successful brands are adapting for commerce today and preparing for tomorrow.

Join us! We’ll take a deep dive into 5 questions:

  • How have organizations built agile, responsive approaches in this era? What technologies are best suited to enable that capability?
  • The future of commerce is uncertain – what should companies do today that prepares them for success tomorrow?
  • What is the “experiences economy” and how do organizations leverage it? If we move beyond product and price, what’s next?
  • Has headless content/commerce really changed the game? What are the benefits and drawbacks of that approach?
  • Business models have to shift – what can companies do to break down silos and leverage new processes to capture the digital dollar?

Our panel features Jordan Jewell, IDC Research analyst known for his insight into the commerce industry. Joining him from Perficient is Brian Beckham, General Manager, who brings deep expertise in content management and empowering organizations in their digital transformations. Rounding out the panel is Joey Moore, who has spent the last decade working with organizations from all around the globe to advance their digital maturity. With particular specialisms in platforms, personalization and user experience, Joey understands what it takes for organizations to be successful in this rapidly evolving landscape.


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