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Speed matters: Strategies to improve your site performance

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Hear from the Optimizely Performance team as they share recommendations for improving your site performance as you scale client-side experimentation

To survive in today’s competitive, fast-moving digital market, it’s imperative that you drive high-velocity experimentation while keeping your site performance as fast as possible. When it comes to running client-side experimentation there is a natural tradeoff that has to be made between performance, user experience (ensuring experimentation is invisible to your customers), and the operational costs of implementation.

In this webinar, the Performance team will walk you through some of the most performant ways to implement Optimizely Web on your site today.

You’ll learn:

  • How to self-host the Optimizely snippet to improve site performance
  • How to use Custom Snippets to only include relevant project information
  • When to change your implementation to asynchronous for the right use cases
  • How to reduce your snippet size through new Optimizely capabilities