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Key Findings from the 2021 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report

In this report, we look at how B2B companies were affected by the pandemic and what trends and challenges businesses are anticipating in 2021. Download the report to get insights on how COVID-19 has affected total B2B sales and why many B2B sellers are prioritizing digital commerce to grow revenue.

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B2B marketplace becomes more relevant than traditional sales


As many parts of the world are under lockdown, consumers are used to getting things done online. From ordering day-to-day goods to making large purchases for businesses, everything is possible via ecommerce. Besides, phone, fax, and manual transactions are somewhat a thing of the past as online platforms allow quicker and easier transactions. With just a click of a button, consumers can easily confirm, cancel, and review their orders.


B2B businesses anticipate growing their digital commerce in 2021


B2B businesses are seeing more sales happening on their digital commerce platform than traditional sales channels. But don’t get too comfortable, as the right next thing to do is to ensure that your ecommerce platform is futureproofed by investing in the right technology with the right tools that’ll help solve the complexities of industrial businesses


2021 Challenge: Creating a digital experience that meets customers’ expectations


The number one challenge that B2B businesses will likely face is creating a website that meets the customers’ needs, according to the 2021 B2B Buyer Survey. Consumers spend long hours online, especially during the pandemic, and this has trained them to understand what an excellent digital experience means. Features such as personalization not only benefit customers to receive relevant content but also helps B2B businesses to push sales during these trying times.