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LexMod continues partnership with Optimizely to enhance eCommerce sites

Moving furniture with a new digital experience

Furniture provider LexMod has become a firm favourite among interior designers, production studios and corporate offices since its inception in 2005. The group’s affordable, modern furniture has featured in movie and TV studios, Fortune 500 office buildings and in a range of  publications from HGTV Magazine to Architectural Digest.

LexMod runs two Optimizely Commerce sites – Lexmod.com, for B2C operations, and Modway.com for it wholesale B2B business. LexMod wanted to further upgrade its Optimizely websites, increase site performance and enhance its customers’ mobile experience.

Optimizely technical team specialists partnered with Niteco to move the sites from a completely separate Azure cloud build to Optimizely Cloud, firmly placing them in the Optimizely ecosystem. In addition, Lexmod.com was not originally built with mobile devices in mind, leaving Niteco with the task of creating a new mobile experience for the site.

Moving the sites from Azure to Optimizely's DXP, built on Azure, not only increased their performance, but also allowed Lexmod to enjoy additional support services from Optimizely itself. In combination with other performance enhancement measures conducted by Optimizely partner Niteco, the sites received a considerable speed boost. The work continues as an ongoing project, with all tasks so far delivered within budget and on time.

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