Libbey Glass Builds the Framework for B2B eCommerce in Partnership with Optimizely and WillowTree

Libbey, Inc. is one of largest glass production companies in the United States. They manufacture a number of glassware products, including tableware, drinkware, and stemware, and provide these products to restaurant chains, healthcare facilities, hotels, and consumers.

Prior to beginning their digital overhaul, Libbey did not have a direct relationship with their target client base, mostly processing orders through distributors.

Their teams also lacked the internal tools to consistently and easily update their product and margin data, having to maintain a slew of spreadsheets that quickly became out of date.

In order to sell directly to their client base and make the buying process more efficient, Libbey began a digital overhaul to design a D2C website for their business clients and implement a robust content management system (CMS).

Project Objectives

  • Deliver a direct-to-consumer experience for business clients across Libbey’s foodservice division, hospitality, and healthcare to easily find their glassware products online
  • Deploy a content management system that could also streamline management of product data for internal teams
  • Streamline the process of ordering and distribution for clients and for Libbey

To maximize velocity, it was important for Libbey to select a CMS that enabled eCommerce order management and fulfillment straight out-of-the-box.
Libbey also wanted to be able to personalize the experience for each of its different target segments, so that each of their foodservice, hospitality, and healthcare clients visiting their website could easily find the products they need.
Libbey sells a lot of different products, so search functionality was an important element to be able to index their product catalog and content.


To kickstart their digital overhaul, Libbey started with their Foodservice business to redesign and enable direct-to-consumer ordering on This website marked the beginning of the framework for eCommerce for the entire organization.

Originally on a less robust CMS, the Libbey team began their partnership with WillowTree by identifying a new CMS that could integrate with the new website, as well as support order and product management and fulfillment.

The Libbey team chose Optimizely for two primary reasons:
1. Optimizely’s robust eCommerce functionality enabled Libbey to utilize order management and order fulfillment features straight out of the box.
2. The ability for the CMS to integrate with their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as their data source management tools optimized workflows for internal Libbey employees.

Rather than having to work in spreadsheets and manually transfer data into the CMS, the Libbey team was able to streamline internal processes. When a client places an order, data is seamlessly integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics database, thanks to Optimizely’s pre-built integration with Dynamics 365.

As the project kicked off, WillowTree’s developers began working hand-in-hand with Libbey’s DevOps team, identifying and solving pain points early in each sprint. The WillowTree team recommended atypical sprint cycles to effectively manage the project, with one week for front-end development, one for backend development, and one for quality assurance (QA). With this process in place, the team was able to minimize risk while maximizing velocity to launch.

Microsoft Integration

Connectivity to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM was critical for Libbey to be able to streamline workflows for their employees. The out-of-the-box integration that was built into Optimizely created significant time-saving benefits for Libbey employees, as orders placed would automatically be added to the Dynamics CRM.

Future Plans

The redesign and relaunch of was only Phase 1 of Libbey’s full scale digital overhaul. The best-in-class design and engineering for this website created the framework for Libbey’s future digital properties, and their continued goal to create a D2C experience for their clients.

As the later phases continue, the WillowTree and Optimizely teams have added several loyalty features to the website, enabling users to register, login, and create lists of commonly ordered products, and share those lists with distributors to further streamline ordering.

Creating a seamless, robust digital experience that clients can access directly has never been more important.


Project Facts
Libbey uses

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